Book car diagnostics in Lincoln for your vehicle via our easy-to-use website online booking system. Select a date and time from our live, real-time diary. We don’t take any payment today — this will be settled at the garage when you come to collect your vehicle.
An engine diagnostic test can be used to identify problems signalled by the warning lights on your dashboard.
Modern vehicles are now heavily reliant on computer technology and have onboard computers which sometimes need to be interrogated to solve issues and problems. We carry the hardware and software that allows us to deal with most of these problems.
Based in the heart of Lincoln, A & J Motors uses state-of-the-art equipment to plug into your vehicle and diagnose the faults detected by your vehicle’s ECU. Our experienced technicians can then suggest a suitable course of action to correct any errors detected in your vehicle to get you back on the road and warning light free.
Rather speak to someone regarding diagnostics testing and inspections? Contact Adam today for more information or friendly advice.